PDC Swim Spa Covers

Swim Spa Covers For PDC Swim Spas

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swim spa cover to fit your PDC Swim Spa

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swim spas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swim spa cover design as unique as your custom swim spa.

Does your swim spa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swim spa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swim spa cover to cover your PDC Swim Spa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

Swim Spa Covers Built In The USA

Swim Spa Covers Made in the USA

Suddenly we are all more aware of products coming from overseas. As the importing world comes to a virtual standstill products made in the USA become vital.

With the coming of the Corona Virus, products cheaply made and imported for sale here in the states have abruptly been interrupted. All kinds of products have been effected but the hot tub and swim spa cover market certainly has.

Folks looking for replacement Swim Spa Cover are getting told by their spa dealers that it may be six months before they are able to supply new covers. It turns out even that estimate may end up being wishful thinking. Not only that but the cost of those covers may go up by as much as 180%.

So much for inexpensive Swim Spa Covers. It was easy to justify buying a cheap cover that would only last a couple years when the supply was so readily available. But now as our awareness of all things “overseas” has been drilled into focus it’s all little bit harder to swallow.

Meanwhile, SpaCap.com has been making hot tub and swim spa covers here in the United States for the last forty years. Each and every cover is custom made and sold factory direct to consumers across the country.

The materials that SpaCap.com uses to build their Swim Spa Covers are covered with Sunbrella fabric which is rated by YEARS as opposed to the vinyls on imported covers which are rated by HOURS.

Don’t simply buy another Swim Spa Cover that is going to end up heavy or broken like the last one you got from the local spa dealer. Check out SpaCap.com and get a Swim Spa Cover that is going to be easy to use for many years to come.

SwimLife Swim Spa Covers

Swim Spa Covers For SwimLife Swim Spas

SwimLife currently offers 3 series of swim spas which include the SwimFit Series Swim Spas, SwimExpert Series Swim Spas, SwimFun Series of Swim Spas.

Each series offers unique features like Swim Boost Pumps, AquaCurrent Technology, AquaFlex Swim Jets, WaveRider Current Controls, and SwimChannel Shell Design.

Additional brands/lines include:  Jacuzzi Brands, HydroPool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swim spa cover to fit your SwimLife Swim Spa

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swim spas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swim spa cover design as unique as your custom swim spa.

Does your swim spa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swim spa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swim spa cover to cover your SwimLife Swim Spa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

Replacement Swim Spa Covers Taking Longer To Get?

Getting the Run Around on Replacement Swim Spa Covers?

Many people have informed us that the places they would have normally gotten their replacement swim spa covers from are either out of business or are just giving them the run around. If they are able to get ahold of someone they are being told it will be SIX MONTHS  or more before they get their new covers.

And then they call SpaCap.com and get the honest, straight truth about the cost and production schedule of their made in the USA swim spa covers.

Much like the movie Forest Gump,  SpaCap.com is likely to end up being the Forest Gump of the Swim Spa Cover industry.

One of the main reasons is those suppliers were relying on inexpensive goods produced overseas. The bottom line was these goods were mass produced, cheaply, made to last a couple years with a large profit margin for the dealers.

SpaCap.com meanwhile was building swim spa covers, made to order, from top of the line goods made in the USA. Their prices were higher but the swim spa covers they produced were made to last YEARS longer and stay lightweight.

Then along came the Corona Virus.

The suppliers that relied on goods produced overseas were caught in the storm. The stock they had on hand was quickly wiped out and the supply chain was cut off.

SpaCap.com just kept on building swim spa covers.

The inexpensive foam filled covers from overseas quickly became more expensive because of higher import fees. The worst hurricane season in years added to shipping challenges and delays. Major US ports became grid locked and the cheap import swim spa cover industry came to a virtual standstill.

The places that would have sold the cheap foam filled swim spa covers from overseas are not sure how much those same products will cost to import if or when things open up again. Some estimates that the cost could increase as much as 180%.

Meanwhile SpaCap.com just keeps on building swim spa covers.

If you were wondering why the foam swim spa covers were taking so long to get and costing so much more than they used to, the reason is simple. Materials from overseas.

Yet, at SpaCap.com they are still plugging away, lining up to be the “last man standing” in swim spa cover manufacturing. Their family owned business never shut down like so many other industries across the country. Yes, their lead time and shipping costs have increased since Amazon has taken over shipping priority across the country but their Made In the USA Swim Spa Covers are still going strong.

If you would like to get a new swim spa cover for your spa before the next decade, and your ready for a lightweight, easy to use swim spa cover, covered in Sunbrella that lasts for YEARS instead of vinyl that is rated by HOURS, visit SpaCap.com.

Picking the right size Swim Spa

Swim spas come in four different lengths. It is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to use a spa for in order to choose the best swim spa size for your needs. Some models are available in standard and “deep” versions that add anywhere from 9 inches to a foot of depth.

Here’s a rundown on each length so you can choose the best swim spa size for your needs.

10 to 11 Feet

These swim spas are often swim spas in name only, as they don’t typically have enough room to allow for swimming. They are similar to a hot tub for their hydrotherapy benefits and are ideal for muscle relaxation and targeting specific groups of muscles. They are perfect for those with chronic or short term pain.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • A jet seat designed for hydrotherapy
  • Optional resistance, though not enough for swimming

12 to 16 Feet

This length of swim spa is sometimes referred to as a trainer or fitness model. These swim spas allow for continuous swimming, the current being generated by jet propulsion, rotating paddlewheels or a propeller.

If you are looking for a combination of fitness and fun, this is a popular choice. Many models offer hydrotherapy jets and some can be customized with additional exercise equipment that can include an underwater treadmill, a rowing machine or other resistance apparatus.

They can also be upgraded with fountains, special lighting and waterproof sound systems, making them great for leisure activities.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • Up to two jet seats
  • A swim current

17 to 18 Feet

This model adds extra length for improved comfort while swimming and exercising, as well as a choice of water flow, such as paddlewheels and propellers. These swim spas are designed for more serious users and the enhanced water flow provides a smoother, more consistent current that spans the width of the pool. This type of water flow mimics the feel of a larger pool.

Optional upgrades include sound systems, Wi-Fi and built-in underwater cameras.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • Two jet seats and two standard seats/steps
  • Paddlewheel and propeller water flows designed for a more realistic swimming experience

19 Feet and Up

This model provides the longest length of any other swim spa and typically has a dedicated hydrotherapy pool or hot tub separate from the swimming area. They feature all of the functions available on smaller models but this swim spa size may also come with deluxe LED lighting, massage functions and enhanced tiling.

The hot tub end has up to 60 hydrotherapy jets, seating for four to six people and added elements such as a sound system and a spillover waterfall.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • Four to five jet seats in the spa section
  • A current that provides directional resistance, with paddlewheel and propeller types enabling swim speeds up to 8 mph

No matter what swim spa size you ultimately decide is right for you, you’ll need a cover to go on it. For most people this starts out as an after thought but this will be a key to whether you continue to use it or not.

Typical foam filled swim spa covers are just more sections of the same old tired hot tub covers. A saturated hot tub cover is bad enough but saturated swim spa covers can be downright dangerous because of the added height of a swim spa.

Plus many owners try to play “musical chairs” with the sections that become too heavy to lift, opening only the sections they can still manage. This is a recipe for disaster to say the least.

At SpaCap.com they have been building lightweight, easy to use swim spa covers for years. Many female owners report that they are able to open their SpaCap Swim Spa Covers with one hand!

The secret to long term benefit from your swim spa investment is easy access. If you have to go out and struggle with a saturated foam cover you are going to use the spa less and less.

Don’t let this happen to you. Get the most out of your swim spa for years to come. Visit SpaCap.com today and get a swim spa cover you’ll be able to handle for years to come.

Swim Spa Covers: Top Five Designs

Most Popular Swim Spa Covers – Brutal Truth

We’ll breakdown the facts to help you pick which one makes the most sense for your needs.

The Traditional Folding Cover

These are the covers that typically come with the swim spa when you buy it. Unless you’ve had one before it’s what you expect.

However more and more spa dealers are reporting that although people are buying swim spas the new owners don’t want this type of cover.

The problem is, even with a fancy bar lifter, this cover will end up to heavy to move. Usually within a couple years. It happens slowly as the cover takes on weight and the user has to spend more energy trying to take it off and put it back on. Eventually, it will be the reason they stop using the swim spa as the weight becomes more of a struggle.

If you can still manage to fold the cover over the bar and push it back, the weight of the heavy cover will either rip the cover in half at the seam or rip the bar lifter off the side of your swim spa. So with that experience you’ll come to look for a different kind of swim spa cover.

Another downside to this particular design is that they are made cheaply overseas. With all the latest Covid 19 madness going on the import of this type of cover has virtually stopped. If and when it does begin again the costs are going to be significantly higher. So what was the cheapest option of the designs listed here may not be the case anymore. Dealers are telling people it may be three months before they are able to get these covers back in stock. Turns out, that is wishful thinking on the part of the dealer. They really have no way of knowing when it will be.

At present this is still the cheapest type of swim spa cover. If it’s the design you want to keep using you’ll need to budget for replacing it every other year so that you can keep using your swim spa. You might also want to budget for a gym membership where you can get in shape for lifting weights.

The Rolling Cover

This cover seems the solution to all the problems that the traditional swim spa covers had. It has the ease of use. One person can just roll it up. You can even roll it up while you’re inside the swim spa. Yes, it costs more but hey it’s getting you back into using the swim spa so that’s good. And the dealer says it will be the last swim spa cover you’ll need to buy.

Unfortunately, that isn’t quite true. Most swim spa owners report that these roll up swim spa covers break down within a couple years. The other down side is that they don’t insulate worth a damn. Our opinion is it’s a cool idea but it doesn’t insulate and it doesn’t last so in the end it’s just the next scam that spa dealers use to take your money. Like telling you the reason your foam filled swim spa cover got heavy was it didn’t have a taper. Then they sold you one with a taper and it got heavy too.

Brutal truth on this design is if you really like it you should budget to replace it every three years. Also since it doesn’t insulate the cost of heating you spa is going to go up. Way up. So you might want to take on a second job or start a little side business so you can save up enough. But hey, while it’s working it is easy to use.

The Auto Cover

These covers are great for safety, but little else. The ease of use is right up there but they don’t even try to claim that they insulate. You’re going to pay a good amount to have them professionally installed and then you’re going to pay a fortune to heat your swim spa.

Rain and debris just accumulate on top of it. Once the load gets to be too much it will either dump it all into the swim spa while it opens or it will just quit working and you’ll be paying someone to come out and fix it. In the end, they’ll tell you that you need a roof over it.

The brutal truth on this cover is, yes it is easy to use, and yes, it typically lasts longer than the first two covers. Does it keep rain and debris out of your spa? No. If you want to keep rain and debris out of your spa and use this type of cover you’ll need to put it inside a building. Does it keep the neighbor kid from accidentally falling into your spa? Yes, but so does putting the spa inside a building or a fenced yard.  You’re going to spend even more money heating your spa water with this type of cover and building a roof over it. But yes, it is easy to use.


The Power Cover

The most expensive cover on the market. You’ll pay more for this cover than you did for your swim spa. Maybe more than you paid for your car. But it does have ease of use in the bag. Push a button and the four pillars of power slowly lift the “garage roof” off the spa. I don’t know about you but when I go out for a swim I enjoy having the sky above me. Swimming with the platform of doom above me doesn’t quite give me the peace of mind I’m looking for.

You’ll pay to have it professionally installed and fixed anytime there is a problem. It does offer a nice flat surface when it’s closed so you can use it as a picnic table or set drinks on it while entertaining if that’s important to you.

It will probably be the last swim spa cover you buy though. Simply because once you’ve paid this much for a cover and had it break down again, and again, you’ll give up using the swim spa. In order to afford this type of cover you’ll need either to win the lottery or have one of your rich relatives die and leave you money.

The SpaCap Cover

The unconventional cover. The SpaCap Swim Spa Cover. This one will more than likely take you a bit to wrap your head around. It’s not flat, so setting food and beverages on it when you entertain won’t work. Ease of use? Well it was designed by a woman with back problems so if you use it like they tell you to it really is like taking a comforter off your bed. Most women report they can move it with one hand.

Here is another plus, it insulates better than any other cover. It can handle a snow load better than any foam filled, or roll away cover. These covers are used at snow lodges and cabins all over the world from the Rockies to the Alps. They tend to last longer and stay lightweight. They come in over  a hundred different colors.

They can handle the wind better than any other cover. Over the last thirty plus years these covers have been through hurricanes and tornados and not even one has ever blown off. Let that sink in for a minute. These swim spa covers are in use all across the country and have survived every major storm over the last 30 years.

The SpaCap Swim Spa Covers are also affordable. They cost a little more than the typical foam filled cover but less than any other of those listed above.

So if you want the most cost effective, energy efficient, easy to use swim spa cover, we would recommend the custom swim spa covers from SpaCap.com.

Replacement Swim Spa Covers: Choosing The Best

The Best Choice in Swim Spa Covers

A swim spa cover is vital for controling energy costs, and to protect the spa from external debris. Traditional spa covers are made with a foam core, and that foam is absorbent. As the foam takes on moisture from seepage and condensation from the heated water rising under a cold closed cover, the cover becomes heavy and difficult to handle. Eventually it will keep you from using your swim spa.

The vinyl material that is typically used to cover a foam core is rated by HOURS which means that when it’s exposed to the sun’s UV rays on a daily basis, it’s going to break down and vulnerable to tearing or being punctured.

The End 2 End Swim Spa Cover is a relative newcomer to the swim spa cover market. It claims to Lock In Heat and Keep Out Moisture. Admittedly it does have some advantages over the traditional multi piece folding foam swim spa covers. Its one-piece design using closed-cell foam instead of the traditional rigid foam panels prevents it from absorbing water, so it stays light and easy to manage. That much is true. The reason closed cell foam has not been used in the traditional rigid swim spa covers is that it isn’t rigid. It would sag without support.

The roll up cover overcomes that by having a support system built into the cover. The down side is that the rigid support holds the thin layer of closed cell foam far above the water it is supposed to be keeping warm. The result is that it creates a constant storm of evaporation/condensation under the cover which causes the swim spa to work harder to keep the water warm.

End 2 End claims to have a UV-resistant coating that keeps it strong against the elements and new-looking for years. Unfortunately, this is not true. Although they charge enough to use a more expensive fabric, like Sunbrella, they use cheap canvas. The canvas material won’t last no matter what they claim. In areas that get a lot of sun it will start to fall apart in about one year.

The roll-on, roll-off design makes it easy for a single person to handle. In fact, this exclusive feature makes it possible to roll the cover off a swim spa in less than 60 seconds. It can be rolled in either direction, making it ideal for dual-temperature swim spas. You can roll back the pool side for your daily swim, and then roll back the spa side for relaxing at night. Aside from being extremely easy to take on an off, it requires minimal overhead clearance and gives full visibility on all sides of the swim spa as compared to traditional covers which can be problematic for applications with height restrictions or if you are trying to enjoy views. Admittedly, this is a great improvement over the traditional swim spa covers. The biggest downside is that despite costing three to four times more than a foam filled cover it doesn’t last. Most consumers report that it falls apart in less than two years.

End 2 End claims that their covers are “Custom made with the highest quality commercial-grade materials, this durable, energy-efficient and lockable safety cover is built to withstand all weather conditions. Its full-frame design makes it able to handle even large loads of snow, and thanks to its UV protected surface, it will not deteriorate from time spent in direct sunlight.” Unfortunately the only part of that statement that is true is that it’s lockable. It will blow off in a mild wind, it will crush or tear apart in a minimal snow load and the UV protection is a total lie.

Made in the U.S.A., the End 2 End Swim Spa Covers are available in a range of colors. But not nearly as many as the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers which can be done in any of the over sixty colors of Marine Grade Sunbrella.

So what’s the down side? Although the closed cell foam is an improvement it has to be supported to keep the rain and debris out of the spa. That support will eventually breakdown and usually in less than two years. It will never be able to handle as much of a snow load as the SpaCap Swim Spa Cover which rests right on the water surface.

The UV resistant coating is a code for, “it will handle a sun a little longer than a traditional cover” but not nearly as long as Marine Grade Sunbrella which is used on the SpaCap Swim Spa Cover.

In the end, The SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are still the overall best choice. No other swim spa cover starts insulating at the water surface. A huge advantage since the point is to seal in the heat and keep the water warm.

The SpaCap.com covers are all made in the USA and the Sunbrella fabric will last YEARS longer than any other material, no matter what UV resistant coating they use.

When you really want to get the best swim spa cover on the market you’re still better off with the swim spa cover custom made for your spa by SpaCap.com.

Swim Spa Cover Heavy Again?

Tired of Heavy Swim Spa Covers?

Every typical foam loaded swim spa cover gets heavy. Yet the exactly how and also why may come as a shock. It has nothing to do with rain so it doesn’t matter just how high the taper is, that cover will still get heavy. If it was rain that was making Swim Spa Covers heavy then putting a roof over the spa would stop the swim spa cover from getting heavy.

Dampness getting entraped in the foam is what at some point makes a swim spa cover too heavy to lift. But if it’s not the rainfall, exactly how does the water get in there? The response is steam from the cozy spa water. When water becomes steam it is a much smaller sized molecule than a drop of water.

Steam could enter into a much smaller area, like say the spaces in the foam. Once it cools down pull back and also transformeds into water again, it’s trapped inside the foam. When entraped in the foam the water won’t drain pipes out so an elegant drain opening will not help. The only method the water could get back from the foam would certainly be to vaporize. In order to vaporize, the swim spa cover would certainly need to be removed from the source of heavy steam (the swim spa) and positioned in a completely dry, well ventilated location.

The issue has nothing to do with exactly how well the swim spa cover is cared for or just how much plastic guard is rubbed on it. The trouble is the foam. The type of foam used in Swim Spa Covers is developed to be used as insulation in DRY conditions. As an example it functions well in floors, walls and ceilings (given it is maintained dry) and is terrific for refrigeration applications.

However if the same foam is revealed to vapor, the insulation it could offer is quickly lowered to something equivalent to damp plywood.

So why is foam still being used in Lightweight Swim Spa Covers? It economicals as well as it’s the sector requirement. Yet even if everyone is doing it does not make it the most effective suggestion.

A much better concept as for Lightweight Swim Spa Covers go would be one that eliminates the foam, still protects but remains light weight and easy to use.

Forty years back, (yes actually, forty years ago) that is just how the SpaCap came into being. A single woman with back trouble, needed to be able to use her spa each day for treatment. She needed to have the ability to get her cover off and on by herself without hurting her back.

The spa cover she eventually thought of was lightweight, easy to use and also protected as well as a foam filled hot tub cover. Although it has experienced several enhancements throughout the years, the concept and also concept is still the same. SpaCap.com builds custom Lightweight Swim Spa Covers for all kinds of spas including swim Swim Spa Covers

Don’t head out and buy another foam filled swim spa cover even if that’s exactly what the next-door neighbors do. Check out SpaCap.com and get a Lightweight Swim Spa Covers that will not get heavy or break and also will certainly make it simple for you to use your spa for many years to come!

Replacement Swim Spa Covers: checklist

Replacement Swim Spa Covers – Considerations

If you need to replace your swim spa cover this year, there are few important things you should consider. A swim spa cover is your spa’s first line of defense against debris and harsh weather conditions and is the key to saving on energy costs as a well-insulated cover will prevent heat from escaping from the swim spa when it’s not in use.

Here’s what you should know before buying a new swim spa cover.

When to Replace a Swim Spa Cover

A typical foam filled swim spa cover usually needs to be replaced every two to three years.

Look for any rips or tears in the vinyl, check the underside of the cover and look for deterioration from mold build-up and chemicals. A replacement swim spa cover is needed if your old one is heavy and waterlogged and a struggle to remove. This is a clear sign that the foam cores are saturated with water.

Choose Sunbrella instead of Vinyl

All vinyls are rated by HOURS outdoors. Sunbrella is rated by YEARS outdoors. Your new swim spa cover should be covered in Sunbrella that will be more resistant to UV damage, fading and discoloration from the sun than vinyl ever could be. By the way mildew inhibitors in the vinyl will never prevent the build-up of mold that causes those unpleasant odors. The spaces in the foam, and in between the layers of plastic are a near perfect breeding ground for mildew. No amount of cleaning will get rid of it.

Is Cover Thickness is Important?

A typical foam filled swim spa cover will be from four to six inches thick. Foam cover dealers like to push thicker covers saying they will stand up better to the elements. But the truth is the thickness has nothing to do with why the cover gets heavy or fails. It’s the steam from the spa. If the cover getting heavy was caused by the weather then a roof over the spa would stop it from getting heavy. Thicker foam would do a better job insulating if it were used in dry conditions. However as soon as it is put in use over a source of steam the insulation value will always go down quickly.

So what’s a better solution? Well it would be better to have the cover lay right on the water since that’s what we are trying to keep warm. Since air is the best insulator, it should use layers of air to insulate. It should have a natural dome shape so wind and weather will flow easily away. The layers of air are the key to keeping heat from escaping from your spa, therefore saving you money on energy costs.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow during the winter, a rigid foam cover will always fail under a heavy wet snow load. Whereas an air filled swim spa cover that rests right on the water will be able to withstand a much greater snow load, as well as providing greater insulation.

Locking Straps for Safety

Locking straps on a spa cover will not only keep it from blowing off during heavy winds, but they are a good safety feature to have to keep small children and pets from getting into the hot tub when you’re not around.

Choosing a Color

Choosing the right color for your spa cover is a fun but important decision, as they can enhance and complement your surroundings. Fortunately, Sunbrella is available in about 80 different colors. Instead of choosing between some shade of gray or brown you actually get exactly the color you want. And Sunbrella won’t fade for years. It will still be just as bright ten years after you first put it on your spa.

So before you go out a purchase another foam filled swim spa cover that will just end up like the one you need to replace now, check out the Swim Spa Covers from SpaCap.com.

Jacuzzi Swim Spa Covers

Swim Spa Covers for Jacuzzi Swim Spas

Whether you swim competitively or are interested in building endurance, the PowerPro™ Swim Spa Collection combines the best aquatic technology with the therapeutic performance of Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ jets. With the challenge of a 6.2 mile per hour current and the convenience of training year-round, the high-performance caliber of the these models are the ideal way to train and recover in your own backyard.

Shop Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ Collection

The PowerActive™ Swim Spa Collection offers the benefits of in-place swimming, a relaxing hydromassage, and enjoying time with family in the convenience of your own backyard any time of year. Whether you’re looking for the challenge of swimming drills or the benefits of an all seasons pool, these models are offer the ideal way to exercise, relax, and play anytime of the year.

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swim spa cover to fit your Jacuzzi Swim Spa.

More than any other swim spa manufacturer, Jacuzzi designs their spas and swim spas with no cover in mind. But at SpaCap.com they custom build the only swim spa cover that will fit your Jacuzzi swim spa perfectly.

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swim spas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swim spa cover design as unique as your custom swim spa.

Does your swim spa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swim spa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swim spa cover to cover your Jacuzzi Swim Spa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!