Why A Swimspa Makes Sense

Swimspas are the best mix of the family pool and the relaxing hot tub. If you require more convincing, here are a few reasons to get a swimspa:

Fantastic Fitness Resource swimspa
The great aspect of swimspas is that they allow you to tailor your workout routine. Rather of reaching your peak swimming speed or continually adding laps to your routine, you can remain in one location. With adjustable jets, you can change the quantity of resistance and existing coming at you as you swim against the jets. You won’t require to turn around and swim laps to constantly improve; you just need to concentrate on exactly what you love: swimming.

Pool and Spa in One
If you desire to host a barbecue and swim party, your swimspa will do the job perfectly. When you want the benefits of a pool, but you don’t have the yard size to accommodate one, swimspas are the perfect alternative.

Quickly Installed
Swimspas can be found in an above-ground or in-ground choice. If you’re going for an in-ground installation, their whole and compact construction enable for a quick, simple set up. When you have the above-ground option, you can load it up and move it anywhere around the backyard or to your new home without problem. In either case, you’ll more than happy you invested in a swimspa.

Do not let all the good your SwimSpa can do for you be squandered on a heavy swimspa cover just because that’s all your local dealer had to offer. Order your very own customizeded SpaCap, and make removing and replacing your swimspa cover as easy as taking a comforter off your bed.

The folks at SpaCap.com have actually been building Custom Hot Tub and swimspa covers for thirty years.

SpaCap.com swimspa covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is just what makes all other covers heavy.

Swimspa Cover Buying Guide

Match Your Climate

You will definitely have to consider the ability of the swimspa cover to withstand the specific climates when it comes to using it. It is important to have a model that can stand up to the climate in your area. There is no point of getting a model that would not even last for long before showing signs of wear and tear.

Those who live in areas that are cold and rainy, then you need to find a model that can withstand the specific weather condition. For those who experience all the four seasons in a year, then you also have to get one that withstands all the changing conditions.

Vapor barrier quality

The model that you pick should also come with vapor barrier for your hot tub. The vapor barrier is the portion of the cover that is in charge of providing the foam cores coating so that water does not permeate through the insulation. This is BS. If the swim spa cover has a foam core it is going to get heavy. There is no “vapor barrier” on the planet that will prevent that from happening.

The only swimspa covers that can avoid this do not have foam in them. Don’t fall for the “Vapor Barrier” BS.

Dimensions and shape

This is another important aspect that you have to keep in mind. As much as you would be looking to get a deal on the cover, you have to make sure that it covers the swimspa adequately. Also consider the shape of the swimspa as it affects which cover you have to choose. There are companies that can make custom swimspa covers for you, but they might be a little bit expensive. That said, having a swimspa cover that doesn’t fit properly is going to end up costing you a lot more in energy bills.

Price or budget

Well, definitely these two always go hand in hand. You will always have a budget in mind and then there is the price at which the product retails. It is always important that you consider these two before making up your mind. Take the time to check out if the model you are buying is worth spending your money on it.


There are many choices to consider when it comes to swimspa covers. Right now, with what is going on across the country the other thing to consider is the availability. Swimspa covers with foam cores are typically being made overseas. Shipping delays have put getting them back in stock several months out. SwimSpa Covers made in the USA are going to be a safer bet. Take the time to find one that delivers on your needs for a swimspa cover.

SwimSpa Benefits

Uncertain if you actually desire a swimspa?

Individuals buy a swimspa for a great deal of various reasons. Some just purchase for the fun of wallowing in water, of course. For the majority of people, health concerns predominate.
swimmer in swimspa

Groups that Benefit Most by Exercising in Water:

athletes searching for endurance training
individuals recovering from a sports injury
the overweight
people with balance problems
the elderly
anyone with joint issues

And, obviously, anyone at all who wishes to get healthy!

Swimming is one of the Safest Exercises

There are far less injuries to swimmers than runners or competitive video game players. Water supports the body reducing tension on joints. The cartilage in a swimmers knees and the bones of their spine do not suffer the shocks that runners, tennis gamers or other professional athletes suffer.

Sports injuries are a major concern. Among infant boomers, alone, injuries run at almost a million events a year and cost around 20 billion dollars in medical expenses. For people aged 34 to 54 there are around 400,000 health center admissions related to sport injuries, annually.

A staggering 5.5 million people speak with a medical professional for knee injuries in the average year. *.

Swimming is not mishap totally free but problems develop from recklessness- like diving in shallow water- rather than the nature of the exercise.

Aquatic Gyms.

A swimming spa can be ideal for a great deal of workouts besides swimming.

You can do some water strolling on an underwater treadmill against the resistance of a present.
You can get devices that will permit rowing exercises, action ups, and numerous other activities.
You can even get an underwater Exercising bike!

If you wish to use a swimspa as an aquatic gym you require a design with a flat, tough, non-slip bottom so that any devices is secure in usage.

Therapy Benefits.

Swimspas offer exceptional treatment for a wide variety of conditions. They promote good sleep, ease stiffness and lower tension levels.

Sleep much better.

Exercise will assist you sleep much better. Soaking in warm water in the night also promotes great sleep, inning accordance with a study by the National Sleep Foundation.

Ease tightness.

The Arthritis Foundation recommends using medspas and has found that routine sessions will assist keep joints freely moving also relaxing arthritic pain. This makes moderate workout possible which can bring back strength and versatility.

Relieve long term conditions.

The New England Journal of Medicine discovered that diabetic clients who utilized a spa routinely reported minimized blood sugar level levels and much better sleep patterns.

Swimming is Great for Anyone with Limited Mobility.

Swimming might be the only exercise that is truly practical if your mobility is restricted in any method.

Arthritis patients are only one group who find running, step ups or other typical workouts difficult or unpleasant. And of course, if you tip over in water, you are not going to harm yourself.

Water Therapy.

Anyone who has actually suffered an injury that has influenced on their movement will understand the advantage of marine treatment, You can work out without gravity obstructing and you can utilize the natural resistance of water as a gentle method to exercise and strengthen muscles.

, if you are looking for an expert level hydrotherapy pool system utilized by numerous sports teams and medical facilities you might inspect out Hydroworx.


Hydroworx also produce marine treatment orientated swim spas for house usage.

Pool Pilates and other Water based Exercise Programs.

Pool pilates, or Poolates, is simply one of the workout programs that uses total body conditioning in a pool setting. Any swimming with a flat bottom is perfect for these type of programs.

SwimSpas that Combine a Swimming Area and a Spa Area.

A great deal of seats in a swimspa can get in the method of swimming. Since of this, lots of swimspas have just a single bench seat which is not perfect if you want to blasted by effective massage jets (it is simple to obtain pushed into a corner by the jets!).

Installations that integrate a swimming location with a different spa can fix this problem.

No matter what swimspa you decide on it will need to have a SwimSpa Cover that easy to use. Unfortunately all Lightweight SwimSpa Covers are not created equal.

A traditional rigid foam filled SwimSpa Cover will always get saturated and too heavy to lift. On a regular size spa this can be bad enough but on a swimspa it can become dangerous.

At SpaCap.com they have been building easy to use Lightweight SwimSpa Covers for years. Get one for your new swim spa and you’ll have the only SwimSpa Cover that is light enough to use with one hand. Visit SpaCap.com today and check out their Lightweight SwimSpa Covers for yourself.

Relieving Stress With a Swimspa

It’s nearly impossible to get away from stress due to the hustle and bustle of todays world. The number of times have you believed that things just do not go as planned, mishaps take place, and then you get developed in a tizzy. Its been understand that stress can trigger hypertension, heart problems and even psychological problems.

So what can we do about tension? Well you could quit watching and reading the news. SwimSpas are the answer because of their hydrotherapy with warm water, that enables us to have an excellent work out from swimming, running, and having sex in them. Which is only a few exercises that assist ease the tension of every day life. Imagine entering into your SwimSpa after a hard day of work and exercising in warm rough water while at the end you just unwind that tension away.

It has been said that if a person utilizes there SwimSpa for just 30 minutes a day, your psychological and physical body gets excellent benefits. You feel mentally happy. All those stress related conditions– of which there are hundreds– are much more most likely to disappear.

Keep Those Benefits Going

The thing that causes most swimspa owners to ultimately stop using their spa is the swimspa cover

The foam begins to fill with moisture from the steam rising off the spa water. It doesn’t occur fast, in reality it occurs gradually over time so that the majority of people do not even notice it. After a couple of months, the swimspa cover is much heavier however since they have been utilizing the spa everyday the owners don’t notice the slow steady change.

Before they know it, getting the swimspa cover on and off takes a lot more effort. They may not even knowingly recognize it however one day just thinking about getting into the spa is less inviting and they decide to skip it. They’re just not up to it this evening.

Why would you “skip” the important things that help you sleep much better and live healthier? Because it requires too much effort. That simple foam filled swimspa cover ends up being a barrier in between you and the swim spa you spent all that money on. The very same swimspa you could not wait to get into, is simply too much work now because of a heavy swimspa cover

Eventually, you can’t remember the last time you used it.

Owners are faced with an option. Do we get a new swimspa cover and get back to using the swimspa or do we get rid of the swimspa and reclaim that part of our back backyard.

We hope you decide to get a new swimspa cover That swimspa resembles an everyday vacation that your body and mind need to “re-boot” and remain healthy. Before you go out and purchasing another swimspa cover simply like the one you’re replacing, consider something better.

At SpaCap.com, they have been developing Lightweight swimspa covers, that are simple to use and built to stay that way. There are no rigid foam panels in the SpaCap.com Lightweight swimspa covers so there’s absolutely nothing to soak up that steam and get heavy.

Swimspa Covers for Premium Leisure Swimspas

SwimSpa Covers for Premium Leisure Spas

Premium Leisure SwimSpas and Aquatic Trainers are manufactured in the United States using only ETL and UL approved electrical components. Each spa is uniquely designed with features and benefits that will grace your backyard and provide years of training, therapy, relaxation and family fun.

They are made of high quality cast acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass and supported by a 16 gauge welded steel frame. They come with a maintenance friendly cabinet, in your choice of colors, to match the décor of your home or landscape. Even the little things like a thick plastic base to protect your decking and isolate the elements of nature are things that are standard with a Premium Leisure SwimSpa.

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swim spa cover to fit your Premium Leisure SwimSpa.

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swimspas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swim spa cover design as unique as your custom swimspa.

Does your swim spa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swim spa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swim spa cover to cover your Premium Leisure SwimSpa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

SwimSpa Covers :The Top Five

Most Popular SwimSpa Covers – Brutal Truth

We’ll breakdown the facts to help you pick which one makes the most sense for your needs.

The Traditional Folding Cover

These are the covers that typically come with the swimspa when you buy it. Unless you’ve had one before it’s what you expect.

However more and more spa dealers are reporting that although people are buying swimspas the new owners don’t want this type of cover.

The problem is, even with a fancy bar lifter, this cover will end up to heavy to move. Usually within a couple years. It happens slowly as the cover takes on weight and the user has to spend more energy trying to take it off and put it back on. Eventually, it will be the reason they stop using the swimspa as the weight becomes more of a struggle.

If you can still manage to fold the cover over the bar and push it back, the weight of the heavy cover will either rip the cover in half at the seam or rip the bar lifter off the side of your swimspa. So with that experience you’ll come to look for a different kind of swimspa cover.

Another downside to this particular design is that they are made cheaply overseas. With all the latest Covid 19 madness going on the import of this type of cover has virtually stopped. If and when it does begin again the costs are going to be significantly higher. So what was the cheapest option of the designs listed here may not be the case anymore. Dealers are telling people it may be three months before they are able to get these covers back in stock. Turns out, that is wishful thinking on the part of the dealer. They really have no way of knowing when it will be.

At present this is still the cheapest type of swimspa cover. If it’s the design you want to keep using you’ll need to budget for replacing it every other year so that you can keep using your swimspa. You might also want to budget for a gym membership where you can get in shape for lifting weights.

The End2End Cover

This cover seems the solution to all the problems that the traditional swimspa covers had. It has the ease of use. One person can just roll it up. You can even roll it up while you’re inside the swimspa. Yes, it costs more but hey it’s getting you back into using the swimspa so that’s good. And the dealer says it will be the last swimspa cover you’ll need to buy.

Unfortunately, that isn’t quite true. Most swimspa owners report that the End2End swimspa covers break down within a couple years. The other down side is that they don’t insulate worth a damn. Our opinion is it’s a cool idea but it doesn’t insulate and it doesn’t last so in the end it’s just the next scam that spa dealers use to take your money. Like telling you the reason your foam filled swimspa cover got heavy was it didn’t have a taper. Then they sold you one with a taper and it got heavy too.

Brutal truth on this design is if you really like it you should budget to replace it every three years. Also since it doesn’t insulate the cost of heating you spa is going to go up. Way up. So you might want to take on a second job or start a little side business so you can save up enough. But hey, while it’s working it is easy to use.

The Auto Cover

These covers are great for safety, but little else. The ease of use is right up there but they don’t even try to claim that they insulate. You’re going to pay a good amount to have them professionally installed and then you’re going to pay a fortune to heat your swim spa.

Rain and debris just accumulate on top of it. Once the load gets to be too much it will either dump it all into the swimspa while it opens or it will just quit working and you’ll be paying someone to come out and fix it. In the end, they’ll tell you that you need a roof over it.

The brutal truth on this cover is, yes it is easy to use, and yes, it typically lasts longer than the first two covers. Does it keep rain and debris out of your spa? No. If you want to keep rain and debris out of your spa and use this type of cover you’ll need to put it inside a building. Does it keep the neighbor kid from accidentally falling into your spa? Yes, but so does putting the spa inside a building or a fenced yard.  You’re going to spend even more money heating your spa water with this type of cover and building a roof over it. But yes, it is easy to use.


The Power Cover

The most expensive cover on the market. You’ll pay more for this cover than you did for your swimspa. Maybe more than you paid for your car. But it does have ease of use in the bag. Push a button and the four pillars of power slowly lift the “garage roof” off the spa. I don’t know about you but when I go out for a swim I enjoy having the sky above me. Swimming with the platform of doom above me doesn’t quite give me the peace of mind I’m looking for.

You’ll pay to have it professionally installed and fixed anytime there is a problem. It does offer a nice flat surface when it’s closed so you can use it as a picnic table or set drinks on it while entertaining if that’s important to you.

It will probably be the last swimspa cover you buy though. Simply because once you’ve paid this much for a cover and had it break down again, and again, you’ll give up using the swimspa. In order to afford this type of cover you’ll need either to win the lottery or have one of your rich relatives die and leave you money.

The SpaCap Cover

The unconventional cover. The SpaCap SwimSpa Cover. This one will more than likely take you a bit to wrap your head around. It’s not flat, so setting food and beverages on it when you entertain won’t work. Ease of use? Well it was designed by a woman with back problems so if you use it like they tell you to it really is like taking a comforter off your bed. Most women report they can move it with one hand.

Here is another plus, it insulates better than any other cover. It can handle a snow load better than any foam filled, or roll away cover. These covers are used at snow lodges and cabins all over the world from the Rockies to the Alps. They tend to last longer and stay lightweight. They come in over  a hundred different colors.

They can handle the wind better than any other cover. Over the last thirty plus years these covers have been through hurricanes and tornados and not even one has ever blown off. Let that sink in for a minute. These swimspa covers are in use all across the country and have survived every major storm over the last 30 years.

The SpaCap SwimSpa Covers are also affordable. They cost a little more than the typical foam filled cover but less than any other of those listed above.

So if you want the most cost effective, energy efficient, easy to use swimspa cover, we would recommend the custom swimspa covers from SpaCap.com.

SwimSpa Covers & When To Replace Them

SwimSpa Covers are vital, if you intend to maintain that water warm inside the swim spa. Regrettably, SwimSpa Covers don’t last for life. In spite of what your spa dealer might possibly have actually assured, there will come a time that you are going to require a replacement Lightweight SwimSpa Cover

Just what are the indications when a swimspa cover has given up the ghost? There might be obvious indications, as well as some that are not so evident signs. Right here are 5 indicators of swimspa cover distress to think about.

Saggy Cover

If your foam filled swimspa cover accumulates water externally, you’ll require a new Lightweight SwimSpa Cover This indicates that whatever was offered in regards to the support of the foam boards is currently curved or damaged. You’ll find commonly a C-channel that runs along both halves of the spa cover, where they meet at the joint. Some cover producers will utilize products like aluminum or slim steel at this point, which will flex under weight (dogs, youngsters, snow), or (even more generally) due to the weight of the cover itself.

If this is the case, attempting to bleed a longer time from the cover is just going to end up costing you extra moving forward since whatever insulation worth it may perhaps have actually possessed is addressed this phase. Delaying the inescapable will merely cost you more in your energy expenses. But more significantly taking into consideration an use perspective, you are most likely not likely to desire to tinker your cover when it has water on top of it. Eventually, you’re utilizing your swimspa much less, which is definitely a sin. Do not be a sinner.

Something to think about here. Regardless of what your hot tub dealer has to state concerning it, if he just wishes to market you another foam filled SwimSpa Covers, it is 100% definitely going to turn out to be similar to the one you have to change currently.

It won’t matter whether it is shrink covered in Kevlar and strengthened with titanium, if it has foam inside, it is destined fall short.

Puddle Cover

Water is heavy, at 8 lbs. each gallon, it could add up swiftly. One more situation of damaged reinforcement channel. Possibly started with a small crimp in the channel, which commenced to puddle some water, and also a whole lot even more water– and currently it looks like a brand-new SwimSpa Covers is in order.

Just like Saggy Cover, this is because of using foam panels over a swim spa. Foam panels will saturate from the steam coming off the spa water. Not one point will stop it aside from not using foam within your SwimSpa Covers!

The spa supplier may recommend you to try to turn the panels over inside the cover to add to its helpful life. Other than the zippers as well as the plastic material weren’t made to be opened and shut past the initial stuffing of the foam.

When a cover starts a progressive pool, it could never ever be reversed. It’s time to purchase a replacement SwimSpa Covers As we claimed above, placing it off indicates you’ll be taking advantage of the swimspa less (a transgression) and throwing away cash on the heating costs.

Water Logged SwimSpa Cover

This may be a SwimSpa Covers that weighs about 3x what it did when it was new. They often get so heavy that they come to be alongside impossible to make use of short of the help of a Seal Team. They could likewise harm SwimSpa Covers lifters once they obtain as well hefty. That’s because the cover lifter is not made to manage a heavy cover. Bet the supplier didn’t state that when he sold it to you.

When the foam core is taking on water– as well as, is not draining pipes. This does not indicate that rain water has actually somehow entered your cover, or snow or an additional outdoors resource. It takes place when steam rises from the warm spa water then given that it’s a very little particle, solves into the foam. Once it enters of the foam it cools down as well as reverses into water, and comes to be trapped because of that the water molecule is too big to leave.

The best means to stop it would certainly be to never ever utilize a foam filled up cover on the swimspa. In spite of just what the producer claims to wrap it in or the way they package it, the foam will at some point come to be saturated. Duration.

It is time for a brand-new replacement hot tub cover. Once again, placing it off at this moment is just going to cost you extra in your energy consumption and unless you have a Seal Team coping with you, you typically aren’t going to be using your spa very frequently. (Still a sin).

If you want to be brilliant, you can take the cover from your spa as well as store it in your garage for a number of months. As quickly as the SwimSpa Covers is far from the dampness and being kept inside a completely dry place, at some point the wetness within the cover will certainly evaporate (back to a smaller molecule) and naturally the foam will certainly become light again. It takes months for it to dry entirely in which situation you have to have another replacement cover for your spa while you wait. Keep in mind: The cover might still warp wildly unhealthy while it dries.

If you prefer to rotate your covers every 3 months, you could be capable of making them last until the products start to find apart. See Below.

Torn & Worn SwimSpa Cover.

Whenever the textile (aquatic quality vinyl on the typical foam filled SwimSpa Covers) is exposed to its limitation of sun and also weather condition, it becomes weak and starts to weaken. At some point, holes as well as splits happen that will.

Since ALL Plastic, even one of the most pricey Marine Grade, are ranked by HRS outdoors.

Utilizing a spa cover protectant is simply an additional way for cover dealers to take your loan. If you would love to invest in weekly basis rubbing down your SwimSpa Covers with conditioner, be our visitor however the wise thing to do would certainly be to get the cover that does not have VINYL on the outside. Like claim the SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Cover that usage Sunbrella Marine textile, which is ranked by YEARS outdoors.

Still, if the SwimSpa Covers isn’t heavy yet, you could to delay buying an another one providing you do not mind the look of Duct Tape. If you need a few recommendations, take a look at some episodes of the “Red Green Show.”Red covers the finer factors of Duct Tape.

Foul-smelling SwimSpa Cover.

Moldy, mildew, old wet canine– whatever your SwimSpa Covers smells like, if it’s a bad odor, that possibly implies that you now have bacteria creating inside the hot tub cover. It most likely likewise indicates the cover is water logging (see above).

Now we have actually crossed over from troublesome to harmful.

Exactly what are you inhaling when this is what you smell?

Completely dismantling of the cover, and spraying it down with Lysol won’t aid! Considering that the resource of the odor, AKA the mold and mildew as well as mold are stuck inside the foam! The most effective you might be able to complete would be to eliminate what’s on the outside of the vinyl or foam however you are not going to touch just what’s inside the foam. Plus now your cover scents like Lysol, nothing eliminates the state of mind faster compared to inhaling something that reminds you of how the school janitor tidied up vomit.

The origin of the trouble? That excellent quality foam utilized in conventional hot tub covers. In spite of just how much a supplier might attempt to sell exactly how it is exceptionally resistant to water absorption and bacteria development, it will certainly still occur as well as they recognize it.

When you take place to be prepared for an all new Lightweight SwimSpa Cover, make sure that it’s not made using a foam core.

If you were curious concerning your SwimSpa Covers making it another year, do not wait. It’s your basic reaction informing you something vital– swim spa season is year-round! Prepare now!

Finding The Best SwimSpa Cover

SwimSpas represent special obstacles when it concerns covering them.
We can all concur that the swimspa has to be covered when not in use for all the same reasons a hot tub requires a cover. The obstacle is that because of the length of the swimspa and the height of the sides, eliminating and changing the SwimSpa Cover can be a lot more difficult.
Getting a brand-new swimspa is an exciting occasion in life. You’re looking forward to the exercise you’ll receive from using it. Possibly you’re a little relieved to have actually finally selected from the various designs you looked at. At any rate, you most likely weren’t thinking much about the SwimSpa Cover you would use.
Normally, the cover that gets back with your new purchase will be a 4 section rigid foam filled SwimSpa Cover that will split in the center and go off both ends.
No big deal.
Up until it starts to get heavy.
Which it always does.
Every rigid foam filled SwimSpa Cover ever made winds up the same way and it is not the fault of the user. It’s a style defect. Integrated in obsolescence since as soon as it is placed in use over the warm water in your swimspa it is unavoidable.
It’s not from rain, so having a taper won’t make any difference. In fact you might have it under a roof and the SwimSpa Cover will still get heavy.
The factor is the steam from the water. The particles of steam are really little as they rise from the water surface. They make their method into the little cracks and crevices in the foam. Then as the steam cools it forms back into a liquid and becomes caught in the SwimSpa Cover
It happens slowly and on a SwimSpa Cover which is made of private areas, at differing speeds. So eventually you’ll notice one or two of the sections are actually getting heavy. The bar lifters on completions of the swimspa aren’t much assistance due to the fact that you still have to raise that heavy SwimSpa Cover back up onto the spa which is a lot higher than a routine spa.
This is why SpaCap.com developed a different style for their Lightweight SwimSpa Covers
Instead of using several foam panels that will eventually wind up in some landfill, they designed Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that uses air chambers that don’t suck up moisture.
In fact SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Covers are easy to use, insulate better, will not blow away in a wind storm or be harmed by snow or hail.
Covered with Sunbrella Marine material, these Lightweight SwimSpa Covers will not fade, or fall apart at the seams either. So if you own a swim spa, and you intend to keep using it daily, SpaCap.com has the SwimSpa Cover for it.
If you’re not prepared to order today, bookmark this website so you can find it again when you’re prepared!

Swimspa Covers for Swimspa Manufactures

The Very Best Swim Spa At The Very Best Price
Free Delivery In The USA Include

Your source to buy SwimSpas direct from an established swimspa manufacturer!

Their unique revolutionary waterfall swimspa is the ultimate spa experience whether for relaxation or therapeutic health benefits.

With its unique state of the art design the swimspa offers comfort style and elegance, while offering individual custom jet placement at no extra charge to provide you with the maximum benefits of swimspa therapy. Available as an inground or a beautiful portable swimspa it will relieve and rejuvenate your senses.

At SpaCap.com we are ready to help you design a customized swimspa cover to fit your swimspa manufacturer swimspa

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swimspas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swimspa cover design as unique as your custom swimspa.

Does your swimspa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swimspa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com SwimSpa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swimspa cover to cover your swim spa manufacturer swimspa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

SwimSpa Covers & Snow Loads

Changing your SwimSpa Cover because the snow squashed it?

What if there was a Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that could deal with that much snow? Yes, even as much as you had.
Excellent news there is.
Lets take a minute and go over why the one you require to change didn’t make it.
The foam in the SwimSpa Cover broke under the weight of the snow.
Was it since the metal channel that goes through the center of the Swim Spa Cover on both sides wasn’t enough reinforcement?
It was since the weight of the snow would have broken a 2×4 if it were attempting to bridge an eight-foot gap like that.
What caused the SwimSpa Cover to collapse was that it was attempting to make a bridge over the swimspa, from one side to the other. Typically not a problem till the SwimSpa Cover itself gets saturated, however in this case it was the included weight of snow that just was too much to deal with.
So, if you get a Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that doesn’t attempt to bridge the space however supports itself by resting on the water, that would be a huge improvement.
Still, you did get a lots of snow. Would it have the ability to manage that much?
Brief answer, yes.
It seems that every couple of years, someplace in the nation is getting snow that will be explained by their local news as “biblical proportions” which overwhelms the area, closes down schools, roadways, airports and life in general until the storm passes and individuals can remove.
During those winter storm events, when the day-to-day regimen of the public becomes focused on surviving, how the swimspa is doing simply isn’t really that important. Understandably so.
Once the storm passes and individuals begin to assess the damages, it is not uncommon for a lot of or all of the outdoor Lightweight SwimSpa Covers to be part of the tally.

Denver has had its share of storms like this.
Those Epic storm occasions.
Outdoor patio roofs collapsed. Commercial structures had roofings collapse. Needless to say, simply about every outside SwimSpa Cover had to be replaced.
As insurance representatives rushed around to help their customers identify exactly what required to be replaced, they found that every swimspa that did NOT need to have a brand-new SwimSpa Cover had the exact same brand name of cover. Those SwimSpa Cover were great. Not just did those SwimSpa Cover not require to be changed but likewise every swimspa that was covered by one was great to.
The insurance coverage agents started advising that their customers replace their Lightweight SwimSpa Covers with that brand name. All those Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that had the ability to withstand that impressive snow load were SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Covers No other SwimSpa Cover was recommended.
That says something.
The SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Covers was able to deal with the storm.
When the wind blew in ahead of the storm, the SpaCap.com SwimSpa Cover stayed in location. They won’t blow off even in hurricane force winds. A few of the other difficult foam covers did. Even covers that were too heavy for someone to raise.
The hail won’t damage a SpaCap.com because it isn’t really stiff. The air inside the cover enables it to provide. No matter how big the hail gets, it will not harm a SpaCap.com SwimSpa Cover
And the snow, numerous feet deep, didn’t damage a single one.
Prior to you just buy another standard SwimSpa Cover, we recommend you visit SpaCap.com and get the only sort of cover that really can manage the snow.

Exists a SwimSpa Cover that can deal with a severe snow load?
Did Mother-nature dump on your SwimSpa Cover?
Snow Crush your SwimSpa Cover?
Trying to find Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that can manage a ton of snow?